“Dreamfish Inc. adopts stringent product quality control, and this applies to their Certificate of Warranty. Customers can be assured that the fishes available are of consistent quality and they meet the industry quality standards.” ~ Dreamfish Inc.

Dreamfish is one of only a few breeding farms that stands behind their fishes 100%. They do this by guaranteeing full colorization of their Reds and the gold colour of their Golden Crossbacks crosses over their back, when they mature into adulthood.

The quality of every single fish DreamFish sells meets stringent quality control. This is one of the main reasons why DreamFish is honoured to uphold the MerLion brand name, which was granted by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). This was achieved through their practice of maintaining the highest product quality control.

The ONLY warranty applicable is that provided by our breeding farm, DreamFish Inc.. Unless otherwise stated, fishes sold by LiveExoticImports are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE.

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Dreamfish Golden Head Warranty Policy


Dreamfish is unable to provide after-sales guarantee on the development of an Asian Arowana’s Golden Head (GH). This is due to the fact that Dreamfish has no control over the maintenance technique and practice used by the customer after purchase. The continued development of the Golden Head requires skill and expertise of the Arowana keeper. The owner must provide an ideal environment for the Golden Head to grow and further develop its Golden Head colour. For this reason, Dreamfish cannot offer after-sales guarantee on their Arowana Golden Head.

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