The entire aquarium industry is built on shipping live marine specimens all over the world. The breeders’ shipping methods are built on processes that have been perfected over decades. We have customized our shipping methods to work specifically for Asian Arowanas. Please be aware that we are selling live animals that grow and shrink according to their environmental conditions. Sizing is approximate to what the breeders have in stock and we do not refund money based on size.

We have built our reputation for Exotic Animal Import by treating our customers with respect. We deeply value your satisfaction. Our customer service response times are simply unmatched in the industry. We are a trusted source of Asian Arowanas.

  1. All orders are processed immediately and will be shipped to you when all CITES Import/Export permits have been registered and received by our breeding farm. In the event of an out-of-stock, back-order or special order, you will receive an email to confirm the estimated delivery date.
  2. LiveExoticImports reserves the right to adjust shipping costs after checkout if such correction is required. You will be contacted should that happen.
  3. LiveExoticImports reserves the right to refuse shipment to anyone. Our carefully selected breeders do not treat their fishes as regular merchandise. We stand strongly by their code of ethics regarding breeding and raising of their fishes. Our selected breeders perform strict and high quality control procedures. They are performed throughout all stages including during selection, quarantine and the packaging processes. All these are done to ensure the fishes are healthy and strong before they are put on sale and shipped out.
  4. Each fish is individually hand selected and inspected to ensure it is 100% healthy with no known issues before shipment. All our breeders are proud of their inventory and stand firmly by their product quality. All our breeders have extremely low return/defect rates.

LiveExoticImports guarantees “Live Arrival on packages shipped using air cargo transport via Cathay Pacific Cargo. They remain perfectly healthy in their shipping containers for up to 72 hours. You have until the end of the arrival day to acclimatize the fish in your tank.

  1. “Live Arrival” is defined by LiveExoticImports as follows: upon opening the box and inspecting your new arrival, the fishes are all alive and swimming freely. In other words, they are not floating upside down, nor do they arrive dead. All fishes from the breeding merchant go through a very high quality control procedure and are carefully selected. They are selected and shipped with no known health issues.
  2. LiveExoticImports cannot guarantee live arrival of packages that are not received on time due to carrier delay, whether it is due to weather conditions, failure to pick up the fishes within two hours of arrival, incorrect location, any acts of Mother Nature, or not signing for the fishes on the first delivery attempt. We will, however, do our best to resolve any problems you may have.
  3. LiveExoticImports disclaims any responsibility once the fishes are introduced into your tank. To greatly reduce the risk of your existing fishes and/or newly purchased fishes becoming ill, we recommend that you quarantine the newly purchased fishes for a few days prior to introducing them into your aquarium. This ensures the new fishes’ immune system has recovered to full strength. If the fishes arrive alive and are released in your tank, only to have them become ill or die after they have entered your water, we assume no responsibility as we do not have control over your aquatic environment. We encourage you to call or email us once you received your fishes to confirm their safe arrival.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Dead on Arrival Claim and Policy


If you receive your fish Dead on Arrival (DOA), please follow the steps below to file your claim:


1)   Immediately take digital pictures and videos of the fish while it is still in the unopened bag within two (2) hours of receiving the fish.


2)  Open the bag and cut the dead fish in half to retrieve the microchip tag (located by shoulder area of the fish). Take another set of pictures of the fish and microchip.


3)  Email all digital pictures and videos taken to to initiate the claim process. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you upon receipt.


4)  Within 24 hours of initiating the claim process, express courier the certificate, microchip tag and pictures to the breeder.


5)   Once received and reviewed, at the discretion of the breeder, a replacement of the same type and comparable size and quality will be shipped to you, either immediately if one from our local inventory is available, or from the breeder’s stock in the next available shipment. (shipping and handling not included)

Please contact us if you have any other questions.