The Golden XBack Arowana


Native Origins: Malaysia – Perak, Trengganu, Bukit Merah Lake, Johor

Common Names/Sub Classification:

Malaysian Gold, Cross Back Golden, Malayan Bonytongue, Pahang Gold, Bukit Merah Blue and Taiping Golden, 24K, 18K, Xback, XB, GoldenHead, GHXB

Body Baseline colour: Blue, Purple, Golden

Countries of Export: Malaysia and Singapore


  • At maturity, the Golden Xbacks colours “crosses” over the back of the fish, reaching 6th and obtaining the highest scale level of gold shine.
  • Popular Asian cultures believe the Gold colour represents gold bars and brings good luck and health to the owner.
  • The reduced quantity of fry on each spawn contributes to the lower supply available coupled with the current high demand in the market makes the Golden Xback one of the most expensive Arowanas to buy.
  • Using enhanced maintenance and care techniques, the Golden Xbacks can develop the gold shine on their head known as a “Golden Helmet” or “Golden Head”.
  • Breeders further classify the Gold Head by % of Gold shine (50-90%).

Product Description

Breeder Guarantees:

DreamFish is the only international breeding farm that stands behind every single fish that they produce and offers a guarantee for all Golden Xbacks’ gold colour to cross over their back when they reach adulthood. For more information, please contact us.

Additional Information

Bloodline Type

Golden XBack, Splendour (Red-Gold)


Adult (18-24”), Sub-Adult (12-15”), Juvenile (6-9”)

Quality Grade

Competition Level, Premium Grade, Industry Standard

Special Feature

50% Golden Head, 90% Golden Head


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