The Asian Red


Native Origins: Indonesia – West Kalimantan, Kapuas Rivers, Sentarum Lake

Common Names/Sub Classification:

Grade 1, Super Red, Blood Red, Chilli Red, Orange Red, Golden Red

Countries of Export: Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

General Characteristics:

  • Juveniles have red coloured fins, lips, barbels, gill covers and edges of their scales.
  • As the fish matures into adulthood, the entire body of the fish will begin to turn red.
  • Popular Asian cultures believe the red colour brings good luck and fortune to the owner.
  • Male Arowana red colour is usually more intense and prominent than the female. However, a female red Arowana coming from good bloodlines may also exhibit strong red colourization.

Chili Red

  • Colour Development:
    • Top part (6th scale) has dark green cores in colour and has heavier metallic shine.
    • Develops full colourization later into adulthood after 1-2 years.
  • Head: green colour.
  • Eyes: Red-coloured and larger and sometimes the edge of eyes “touch” the top of the head and the lower jaw.
  • Tail: Large, Diamond-Shaped and outward-extending.
  • Body Shape: Broader – Thick and Wide, pointed spoon-shaped head/mouth region longer.

Blood Red

  • Colour Development:
    • Develops shinier metallic red ring colour around the scale early between 4-9 months.
    • Some develop blue-base and purple-base scale colourization.
  • Head: Dark or Black colour.
  • Eyes: Whiter and smaller.
  • Tail: Big, rounder, wide-opened fan-shaped tail resembling the Xback Golden.
  • Body Shape: Long and Slender

Product Description

DreamFish is the only international breeding farm that stands behind every single fish that they produce and offers a guarantee for all Red Arowanas’ red colour to fully colourize when they reach adulthood.  For more information, please contact us.

Additional Information

Bloodline Type

Super Red, Chilli Red, Blood Red, Splendour (Red-Gold)


Adult (18-24”), Sub-Adult (12-15”), Juvenile (6-9”)

Quality Grade

Competition Level, Premium Grade, Industry Standard

Body Colour Baseline

Blue, Golden Red, Green, Purple


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