Red Tail Golden Dragon


Native Origins: Malaysia – Perak, Trengganu, Bukit Merah Lake, Johor

Common Names/Sub Classification:

Malaysian Gold, Cross Back Golden, Malayan Bonytongue, Pahang Gold, Bukit Merah Blue and Taiping Golden, 24K, 18K, Xback, XB, GoldenHead, GHXB

Body Baseline colour: Blue, Purple, Golden

Countries of Export: Malaysia and Singapore


  • At maturity, the Golden Xbacks’ colour “crosses” over the back of the fish, reaching the 6th scale and thus obtaining the highest scale level of gold shine.
  • Popular Asian cultures believe the Gold colour represents gold bars and brings good luck and wealth to the owner.
  • Low supply, caused by reduced quantity of fry on each spawn, and high demand make the Golden Xback one of the most expensive Arowanas in the market today.
  • Using enhanced maintenance and care techniques, the Golden Xbacks can develop the gold shine on their head known as a “Golden Helmet” or “Golden Head”.
  • Breeders further classify the Gold Head by the percentage of gold shine (50 to 90%).

Additional Information

Bloodline Type



Adult (18-24”), Sub-Adult (12-15”), Juvenile (6-9”)


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