The MerLion Harmony


Native Origins: Singapore – Macritchie Reservoir

Common Names / Sub Classification:

Ton Yeng – Red-Gold re-crossed with gold base and blue base, MerLion Harmony Ultimate

Countries of Export: Singapore


  • A unique breed of Asian Arowana available exclusively at DreamFish Inc.
  • Consists of 5 main bloodlines of Asian Arowana fused harmoniously.
  • Exhibits special rainbow scale base colourization at different growth stages.
  • Manifests colourization best when placed under low lighting (dark tank, minimal lighting).
  • The full quality of the MerLion Harmony develops when reaching adulthood at 3 to 5 years age.
  • Adults have large body structure and finnage.
  • MerLion Harmony possesses a therapeutic swimming style.
  • Comes from naturally-bred “Hope” blood lineage unique to Singapore.
  • The fusion of colours epitomizes a distinctive characteristics of Singapore – a multi-cultural society interlaced with different ethnic backgrounds, languages and religions.

Additional Information

Bloodline Type

The MerLion Harmony


Adult (18-24”), Sub-Adult (12-15”), Juvenile (6-9”)

Quality Grade

Competition Level, Premium Grade


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