Arowana Hobby Leads to Healthier Lifestyle


Stress has been recognized as the number one proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause for more than 60% of all human illnesses and diseases.

These days many people are working harder and longer hours everyday, not just in the workplace but involuntarily extended to their homes in the evening and weekend. What used to be a 37.5 hours work week has morphed into 50 hours regularly with no relief in sight. Most of them simply stress out while struggling to maintain a 21st century lifestyle that requires balancing competing demands from their career, family and personal life.

Having an aquarium filled with dynamic aquatic life in your home is very rewarding and self-fulfilling. It is one of the most convenient pastimes that can exert positive impact on your mental well-being.  With the tranquil sound of the flowing water in the background, many aquarists find it very relaxing and peaceful to watch their fishes swimming effortlessly around the aquarium tank. Its soothing effect can calm your nerves after an exhausting day at work.

Medical and psychological studies have found that fish watching offers great benefits to a person’s mental health by inducing calmness and enhancing positive feelings. Other research studies have shown that those who have fishes in their home or office tend to experience lower blood pressure, more stable heart rate, and obtain relief from insomnia. The beneficial effects you gain from viewing the tranquil aquatic ecosystem are similar to light hypnosis, watching birds and petting dogs or cats. Bringing a natural aquatic environment into your home can lower your stress levels. So improve your health and lifestyle today!

Arowana’s Therapeutic Power Benefits All Ages



Children from an early age are attracted to an aquarium and enjoy the health benefits of watching fishes. Hyperactive kids tend to slow down around an aquarium.  Having an aquarium also helps children develop the sense of responsibility and good nurturing skills from caring for aquatic lives.

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Adults struggle to strike a balance between their work life and family life. They will find it relaxing and soothing to observe a natural water habitat. Spending just a few minutes everyday to feed and watch the fish swimming effortlessly can bring peace and inner calm to their hectic lives.

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The ease of maintenance of Asian Arowanas makes them an ideal choice for the elderly. It takes less energy and effort to maintain when compared to the physical demands of other pets like dogs or cats. Fish keeping brings a sense of care to seniors as well, which is always rewarding. Fishes are great pet to help overcome the feelings of solitude.  Studies have shown that aquariums also have positive health effect on geriatric patients suffering from Alzheimer.

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Medical Practitioner Office With Beautifully Decorated Aquarium

Aquariums have shown to help people reduce pain.  Doctors and dentists often set up an aquarium in their waiting room for their nervous patients to enjoy its beauty while they wait anxiously, as well as benefit from its pain relieving side effect.

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Business Owners And Aquarium

Business owners attract customers by setting up an aquarium that provides a beautiful natural aquatic habitat for visual enjoyment.  The benefits are two-fold.  Restaurateurs quite often set up an aquarium at the front of their establishments to allow their customers to enjoy its beauty and kill time while waiting for their table.  Besides, the red and gold Asian Arowanas are known to have provided good wealth and prosperity to their business.

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Aquariums As Living Works of Art

Carefully designed and aesthetically decorated aquariums are exquisite living works of art.  Their popularity has grown immensely, especially with the rich and famous in the upper echelon of today’s socioeconomic status scale.  A well designed aquarium has become a status symbol of the owner’s wealth and power. The lively atmosphere resulted from a unique and creative aqua scape design is appreciated as a masterpiece of art that complements the overall interior design of a sophisticated home. Moreover, it also serves functionally as a humidifier to help regulate the dry indoor environment during the harsh winter season.

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