Asian Arowana’s Cultural Significance and Related Beliefs


Asian Arowanas have stolen the hearts of many people all around the world. The popular name, “DragonFish”, stems from the fact that its unique shape, large metallic scales and double barbel whiskers share the same physical traits as the lucky Chinese Dragon.

Ancient Chinese Dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. Like the Chinese Dragon, DragonFish symbolizes potent and auspicious power. The owner is believed to be able to draw from its power, strength and good luck.

The Arowana is an amazing creature. It has adapted to be co-existing with humankind. It is able to interpret basic language, stay focused on tasks and display a high level of intelligence. One of the most prominent capabilities that the Arowana possesses is being able to gaze the crystal ball and foresee bad events in the future, and detect the aura of negative energy to come. If it suddenly begins to violently hit its head against the glass walls of  the aquarium, that may be interpreted as a predicting sign of horrible events destined to occur soon.

Asian cultures believe the positive Feng Shui associated with Arowana stems from the water and its red and gold body colour. They believe the water, where the chi gathers, is a natural source of Yin energy, and the good luck from Arowana’s gracious swimming style help balance the Yang energy.

Many owners have felt an abundance of positive wealth and prosperity flow into their lives soon after taking ownership and good loving care of three or more Asian Arowana DragonFish. Business owners have kept them in their shops and restaurants to protect them and their business while bestowing additional fortune to increase wealth and prosperity. In some cases, it becomes vital to business success and has helped predict business affairs by casting out evil dark energy.


Many believe the Arowana DragonFish brings all kinds of blessings to your home and your family, including:

  • Increased wealth
  • Evasion of mishaps and harm
  • Protection and guardianship
  • Enhancement of surrounding chi flow

Symbolism and Lucky Colours

Asian Arowanas are remarkably popular because of its variation in colour. A dark Black Arowana is retained to absorb the negative energy that enters your home and becomes a symbol of protection. The Silver and Gold Arowanas boost wealth as the colour matches the precious silver and gold bars. The Red Arowana enriches your job rank or influence. Ideally, you should own a lucky numbered combination of Gold and Red coloured Asian Arowanas to yield maximum fortune into your life.

Most Feng Shui experts agree that the number “9” is the most auspicious number and has become the most favoured number of Arowanas for a Feng Shui Aquarium. The number “9” sounds phonetically the same as the word “longevity” in Cantonese and thus symbolizes a long life filled with wealth, power and good health.  The following serves as a guideline only.  Use it as reference to determine the number of Arowanas that you wish to own to effect the most positive impacts in your life:

Lucky Numbers

One: New Beginning

Three: Growth and Development

Six: Mentor Luck

Eight: Money and Wealth

Nine: Long Life (considered the luckiest number)


The Optimal Combination With 9 Asian Arowanas

With eight red and gold Arowanas and one black, this combination group symbolizes prosperity, energy and good fortune. The number eight is a major prosperity number in Feng Shui practice.

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