Ideal Features of a Perfect, Prized Asian Arowana

The Posture and Swimming Style

The Asian Arowana should glide gracefully and effortlessly around the top of the tank. When it turns, it should be smooth and elegant. The body should remain mostly horizontal when swimming, and the head should stay still with only the back half of the body moving.

The Scales

They should be large, neatly layered along the body, evenly shaped and should have a radiant colour.

The Fins (Dorsal, Pectoral, Caudal, Anal)

Should spread open when swimming and appear to be smooth with no tears.

The Gill Covers

Should be circular in shape, compact and close to the head and body free from scars, scratches or wrinkles. Pay attention to the fish’s breathing. They should be small movements that can hardly be seen.


The Whiskers (Barbels)

Should be long, straight, and equal in length. The colour should be similar to the body colour.

The Eyes

Eyeballs should be clear and not misty or cloudy. They should be balanced in shape and size, not droopy or protruding out far from the head.

The Mouth

Should close tightly with the upper and lower jaw locked. The jaw should not protrude out.

The Teeth

Should be in-line with the jaw-line and neatly arranged.

The Shape of the Body 

It should be broad and deep with a pointed head and proportionate overall. Aside from the colour, the body can also dictate the value of the fish. To allow the Arowana to grow robustly and healthily, keep the tank size to a minimum ratio of 3:1 to the fish’s body length. Limited space may result in stunted size, hunched or rounded shape. Its diet is just as important and should always be well controlled and maintained with diversity. Overfeeding should be avoided.


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