Our leadership team is packed full of qualified and experienced professionals that deal exclusively with Importing Live Exotic Aquatic Species, Plants and Flora. We are excited to help you import your Exotic Animal Specimen today!

Calvin Lee
Founder and Managing Director

Calvin has been an IT consultant for more than 10 years, and has enjoyed extensive and far-reaching successes in the import trade, not to mention flawless IT project and financial track record.

Calvin first rooted himself deeply in the Canadian financial industry, working at three of the Big Five chartered banks in Canada. He also began his entrepreneurial endeavour by partnering with a renowned world-class surgeon to design and build Canada’s first web-based ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. The system successfully integrated five independently managed business entities, and both streamlined the operations and made them more efficient and cost effective.

While building this proprietary platform, he assumed the role of IT director for a fast growing medical corporation. He advised the executive board on key strategic corporate business and IT solutions that contributed to their exponential growth over the years.

Being a big Asian Arowana fan since grade school, he naturally gravitated to his true calling with LiveExoticImports. Leveraging his IT entrepreneur experience and spirit, and combining his passion for Asian Arowanas, he strives to found and establish the LiveExoticImports. He now runs the only site recognized by Canadians as a trusted online source for exotic animal imports from top-quality registered breeders.

Jimmy Feng
Business Development

Dr. Jimmy Feng has been an avid aquarist and aquascaping artist for the past 20 years. He was inspired by the famous Japanese aquascaping artist Takashi Amano. Jimmy turned professional almost 15 years ago and became one of the first aquascaping artists in Canada. He has amassed over 100 species of live aquatic plants. They range from easy-to-grow, to the hardest and rare aquatic plants in the world. His success has catapulted his home-grown operation of live aquatic plants.

He has also successfully started “Form and Function”, which is a Health, Performance and Wellness Centre in the heart of Markham, Ontario (Toronto’s new Chinatown). Using his clinic as the de-facto clinic standard of excellence, he has taken his franchise to unexpected height.

Over the years as an aquatics plant farmer and distributor, he established deeply rooted connections with local fish stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Steadily, through word-of-mouth advertising, he has grown his customer base nationwide. You may also know him as the online expert and guru in Canadian online forums by the handle name JimmyJam and Aquaticplantman.

As a seasoned exporter of live specimens, Dr. Jimmy Feng is instrumental in aligning key business connections. He is poised to implement smart LiveExoticImports marketing strategies down the road.

Michael Cheng
Business Development

Michael has been an overwhelmingly successful entrepreneur since his university days. He has already founded several software companies specializing in the financial, governmental and medical industries. Michael’s international client base scatters beyond national border, in the US and throughout China.

Michael’s areas of expertise include systems integration, secured communications and multi-platform co-existence architecture. These businesses are now well established, mature and self supporting, which allows Michael to take a more passive role so he may lay his hands on other new and exciting initiatives.

Michael is also actively involved in an investment and advisory partnership. It is a partnership where emerging technologies are evaluated to identify investment opportunities. His experiences helped him hone his skills to evaluate investment opportunities for his family trust. He is now backed by a conglomerate of publicly-traded groups and companies in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Another areas of interest is green-energy start-up entities in Asia, which focus on energy optimization technology within large-scale factories. He also has keen interests in oil exploration groups, commercial properties, hospitality and gaming facilities. He runs multiple offices based in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Beijing. Michael‘s green initiative focuses heavily in these industries due to increased local and international public awareness of rapid environment deterioration and the associated PR and government action and policy. Through his expertise in entrepreneurial start-up management, and his deeply rooted connections to Asia, Michael cleverly leverages synergies for LiveExoticImports.

Dragonfish Canada
Business Development

DragonFish has been a pioneer in the Exotic Animals Import/Export trade since the early 2000’s. They published an online article “Importing Asian Arowanas” that still continues to captivate millions of viewers every year.

Over the last decade, DragonFish has tremendously grown their business on the internet and has established strong presence on many online forums including ArownaClub.ca. To date, DragonFish continues to trade and sell exotic fishes. These include Asian Arowanas, Stingrays, Clown Fish, Flower Horns, Tiger Fish and Jumbo Loaches.

Starting first as a mentor to Calvin, DragonFish has guided him through the challenges and obstacles of the Import and Export industry. DragonFish’s strategic alliance with LiveExoticImports has enabled DreamFish Inc. to establish their name on the Canadian East Coast, offering exclusive distribution rights to LiveExoticImports. DragonFish continues to serve the Canadian West Coast market and has built an impeccable reputation for their efforts.