DreamFish practices traditional bloodline breeding

Through many years of experience and knowledge sharing amongst other 1st generation breeders, Dreamfish has identified the key importance of keeping Asian Arowanas pure for their best colour, display and body form. Coupled with their strong ethical values, over time they have mastered the art of Arowana breeding.

Dreamfish Invests Substantially In Genetics Research

Dreamfish has invested substantially in genetics research and technology to scientifically determine Asian Arowana bloodlines. By utilizing Genetic Markers within the DNA strains of Asian Arowanas, they are able to identify and classify their fish specie accordingly to breed and control the various pure strains in their farm.


Dreamfish operates the largest farm in Singapore with the most breeding ponds.

The sheer size and quantity of their farm enables them to adequately monitor and refine their breeding configurations to achieve ponds of Arowanas with consistent homogenous bloodlines. Dreamfish is not just any commercial breeder, they are scientists in their own realm relentlessly pursuing perfection in the bloodline quality of their Asian Arowanas.

DreamFish guarantees the quality of their fishes

Dreamfish is one of the only breeders standing so proudly behind their fishes that they will guarantee XBack Arowanas to “cross” their gold colour over their back when they mature into adulthood. Dreamfish also guarantees full colourization of their Reds when become adult. With their strict breeding standards and stringent quality control through careful hand selection, Dreamfish emerges proudly above the rest. A Certificate of Warranty is issued at purchase time to ensure that the products from their farm and cooperating partners are of consistent high quality and exceed the industry quality standards.

Bloodline Breeding – The Right way to Breed High Pedigree Asian Arowanas

Within the Arowana breeding community, bloodline breeding is considered to be the only suitable way to obtain the best colourization, body and form for an Asian Arowana. However, not many breeders have either the knowledge or the inclination to breed true-Arowana bloodlines. Many farms are driven by a strong sense of opportunistic greed and shoddy captive breeding methods are used to chase a fast buck.   Fortunately, Dreamfish is not one of them.

Many pioneer breeders did not practise bloodline breeding in the early days. Back in 2000 to 2003, the industry was plagued with the market demand for Blue Base XB. This spurred many breeders to crossbreed Reds with XB, RTG or High Back RTG to obtain the “Spoon Head” Blue Base XB. From 2005 to 2008, China’s rise in economic growth created a rampant surge in demand for all varieties of Asian Arowanas. Many breeders continued to cross breed with even low-grade varieties such as the Green, Yellow Tail or 1.5 Red, all the way up to the RTG, HBRTG, Red or XB. This ultimately corrupted the purity of Arowana bloodlines and created a mess of Arowana pariahs in today’s market.  As a result of this corruption, many breeding farms outside Singapore ended up replenishing their own breeding inventory with Singapore pure brood stock.

Not all breeders have strong business and breeding ethics that Dreamfish does. It is important to understand the philosophy and values of a breeding farm. Many focus only on mass volume production but  ignore quality. To the unsophisticated and misinformed buyer, a low-grade fish can be lucratively sold as a high-grade fish through “cosmetic” and low-grade crossbreeding manipulation.

For more information on how to purchase and import a DreamFish Asian Arowana into Canada, please contact us today!

For more information on how to purchase and import a DreamFish Asian Arowana into Canada, please contact us today!