DreamFish Advocates for High Quality and Control


DreamFish has been a shining beacon in striving for higher quality in the Asian Arowana Industry. In 2012, they presented an industry discussion in Taiwan and Korea on the need to embrace ethics to correct the current greed situation and protect the future of those producing high-quality Asian Arowanas.


Dreamfish follows strict quality control procedures in their breeding methodology to guarantee the quality of their Asian Arowanas. To ensure the Arowanas that they produced maintain a high-quality standard in attaining profound colourization, proportionate body and exceptional beauty, they follow these guidelines:

Strict Selection and Grading System

DreamFish establishes and utilizes benchmarks to categorize and grade every single Arowana produced in their farm. Their MerLion brand carries the ultimate top quality of all Asian Arowanas produced and represents the best quality Singapore sourced Arowanas to compete internationally with top quality bred Arowanas from Malaysia and Indonesia. Their Prestige brand offers high quality at an affordable price that still surpasses industry quality standard. Through many years of experience and hard work, they are able to assess their fishes and ensure that they are accurately graded and priced accordingly.

Gene Purity

 DreamFish invested significantly in the purity of the brooders bloodline since day one. They are one of the only farms that invited professional subject matter experts on Wild Arowanas to conduct a full review of every single XBack Arowana in their farm in 2005.

DreamFish is one of the farms that helped Malaysian farms re-populate their ponds with pure Xbacks.

Maintain Natural Habitat Breeding Ponds

Dreamfish is the largest breeding farm in Singapore where all breeding ponds were exclusively designed and built to resemble the natural habitat of Arowanas in the wild. With their sheer size and quantity of breeding ponds, they are able to accurately monitor and continuously refine their breeding configurations to attain a pond of Arowanas with consistent homogenous bloodlines.

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