Telephone: +65 68 62 93 91
Fax: +65 68 62 93 92
Date of Incorporation: August 23, 2001
Date of Establishment: January 1, 2002
Date of CITES Registration: October 1, 2005
Species Bred: Scleropages formosus
Origin of Stock: CITES-registered operations in Singapore
Marking of Specimens: The breeding stock and offspring are identified with embedded microchips (PIT)

dreamfish Dreamfish was incorporated on August 23, 2001. Operating on farmland that spans more than 20 acres, Dreamfish is the largest Asian Arowana breeding farm in Singapore. Its expansive land enables the farm to produce substantial quantities of high grade Asian Arowanas that have now become synonymous with its name. Dreamfish focuses on the most elite bloodlines of Asian Arowanas to critically secure its future quality potential and showcase the best that Asian Arowanas can be. With great ethical and moral values that shape their business model and breeding practice, they are one of the breeders that produce the highest grade Asian Arowanas that are commercially offered to the world. With the vision to breed the world’s best Asian Arowana and spread the culture of Singapore through its fish and related business offerings, they were granted by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) exclusive right to brand their fishes as MerLion Arowana. It represents Dreamfish’s continuous effort to make Singapore the Leading source of First-Class quality Asian Arowanas in the world.

After more than 13 years in the business, Dreamfish has established a vast distribution network across Asia Pacific, with strong presence in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. And now finally, LiveExoticImports is honoured and proud to introduce Dreamfish to Canada’s East Coast.

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Dreamfish Inc. Historical Milestone and Timeline

1999 Dreamfish Connections Sole Proprietorship was created – Initially selling Goldfish, Ranchu and Koi.
2000 DreamFish focused exclusively on Singapore bred Asian Arowanas and obtained approval from Panda Aquatic Centre to establish Korea and Thailand’s distribution line.
2001 DreamFish became the first supplier to introduce Singapore bred Asian Arowanas to the Japanese market.
After securing new investments from shareholders, Dreamfish Partner Limited was incorporated and formed on August 23, 2001, and became the first of the 2nd generation full-fledged Arowana breeding farms in the industry.
2002 DreamFish acquired a 20 acre parcel of land from a food-fish farm and instantly became the largest Asian Arowana breeding farm in Singapore.
2003 DreamFish spent 2 years to plan, design and re-construct their breeding farm while stockpiling high grade pure bloodline Asian Arowanas from the open market.
2004 DreamFish obtained written approval from Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to brand DreamFish’s signature line Asian Arowanas as the Elite MerLion Arrowanas. In that same year, DreamFish attained “Hope”, the brooder of the MerLion Harmony Bloodline, from the wild and natural MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore.
2005b DreamFish officially received approval to become a CITES registered Asian Arowana breeder in Singapore. They invited Mrs. Yamazaki and Mr. Wang, Japanese Asian Arowana experts, to perform a review on DreamFish’s facilities and assess the quality and purity of their fishes. About 50% of the CrossBacks did not meet the high quality bloodline standards and DreamFish downgraded all CrossBacks to HighBacks and re-acquired pure Xback brooders for the next 2 years.
2006 DreamFish successfully bred and harvested MerLion Harmony, which originates from 5 main bloodlines of Arowanas.
2010 DreamFish improved production quality and became the first and only breeding farm to defy the flow of the industry publicly by maintaining the prices of their signature line MerLion Arowanas – “The very best of the Arowana bloodlines, they are the ultimate Indulgence”.
The prestigious Arowana Line was also branded to become the quality leader in the Arowana industry by adopting and participating in the market price war.
2011 DreamFish successfully bred the MerLion Viper – a cross breed between Xback and SnakeSkin Arowana.
2012 DreamFish presented an industry discussion in Korea and Taiwan on “The Ideal Arowana Hobby and Industry” to deliberate the industry need to embrace ethics, admonish greed and protect the future of the Asian Arowana industry.
2015 became an exclusive online distribution agent for DreamFish’s Asian Arowana in Canada.

For more information on how to purchase and import a DreamFish’s Asian Arowana into Canada, contact us today!